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Selling Fast In Rock Hill or Fort Mill, South Carolina!

8 Super Simple Staging Tips To Sell Your House FAST…The Ultimate Checklist!

David R Cross, Next Home Platinum Advantage, Tips For Selling, At Home With David
Be Offer Ready By Staging Right!

Does it seem a little complicated to pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed and what can stay in your current space?

In this article, David R Cross from Next Home Platinum Advantage Realty will help streamline the process, with simple tips anyone can use.


1. De-personalize the space! Not everyone likes your style…I know, hard to believe but!

We’ve all done it…we can wait to buy a house and put our vibe on it. The Problem is most people aren’t us,…and that can slow down offers.

You can see the difference to a prospective buyer...super clean and easy for them to envision!

The best thing to do is go neutral and simple. Simple looks and feels better. Let the buyer envision “their” mark. Not having to look past yours will help them see theirs…and help you sell fast!!

2. Clear the clutter and organize

This is so simple and inexpensive and just might have the greatest impact in starting a war…a bidding war that is!

The unfortunate truth is that potential buyers will notice clutter like nothing else…it’s as if our eyes lock in when we see it. This is a win/win…for you and the buyer.

3. Give Each Space an Identity By Defining It’s Potential

Each room is like a child…it offers a different personality, temperament and experience for the buyer. Make sure you bring out the highest potential for each room to highlight what the space can offer for the new owner.

David R Cross, Next Home Platinum Advantage, Realtor, Real Estate, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, South Carolina, At Home With David
Turn a small space into a unique, cozy place to gather!

Rather than leave areas barren, get creative and give it a purpose and let the room help stimulate buyers to see its potential.

4. Let There Be Light!

There is nothing like a bright sunny day to set us in a good mood. It’s no different with a home. Walk into a light space and it just causes a psychological affect. It all starts with a fresh, bright coat of paint and strategic lighting.

This is by far one of the easiest, and most cost effective, way to make a space look new. Your best bet is to stick to white or neutral colors and the same goes for lighting — just be sure you go with bright and white toned lighting as this works best.

5. Delete, delete, delete!

I know you love your stuff…like everywhere! Not every space needs to be occupied. Remember less is more…and a great place to start is with furniture. Go lean…so you can go big on the offer!

David R Cross, NextHome Platinum Advantage, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, York, Lancaster, Catawba
Give Enough To Keep The Space Interesting...But Leave Room For Buyers Imagination

6. Make the Average Amazing and the Common Exceptional!

Take a space and transform it…make it a room that makes a buyer go “I LOVE this space”. This can be a fun project that costs very little, but delivers a wow factor that brings an instant offer.

David R Cross, NextHome Platinum Advantage, Realtor, Real Estate, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, York, Clover, Lancaster, Catawba, York County
Have Fun With It...You and Your Buyer Will Love It!

7. Bring Things Up To Date By Modernizing

The expectations of today's buyers are the house they will buy will be like new. They expect creature comforts and do not consider them to be premiums…they expect a minimum standard that feels “newer”.

David R Cross, NextHome Platinum Advantage, Realtor, Real Estate, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, York, Clover, Lancaster, Catawba, York County
Buyers Expect Up To Date Kitchens At A Minimum! It's Worth Modernizing.

You can enhance an older home with modern furniture, art and accessories.

8. The Little Things Matter…Drill Down On Details

What may seem simple and not relevant, inexpensive, pre-packaged curtains and small decorative objects like throw pillows and coffee table books go a long way in finishing a space and is often the difference in taking it to the next level!

Deploying these tips on a small budget will go a long way of getting your house into contract faster than others you are competing with. The costs upfront pale with the cost of having your house sit on the market week after week.


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