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Why All The Dead Jellyfish? Thousands of Dead Jellyfish Wash Up On Hilton Head Island!

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(Video Below Print)

Have you ever been to Hilton Head Island enjoying a soothing beach walk at sunset then all of a sudden you stumble on what only could be described as a jellyfish graveyard?

While it may be a disturbing, or even a disgusting sight with hundreds of lifeless jelly figures and detached gooey limbs cluttered the shore, sometimes making it almost impossible not to step on one.

These majestic little Cannonball Jellyfish Are Harmless & Safe To Touch & Even Pick Up

We moved to the Hilton Head last year, though we have been vacationing and enjoying all the wonderful things to do on Hilton Head Island for many years, we wondered “what in the world is going on?” Was this the apocalypse, did something poison & killed these poor little jelly’s?

Being a Realtor in The Low Country, and knowing the vast majority of the residents of Hilton Head are Retiree's, Remote Workers, 2nd Home Owners or even investment property owners - basically we are all transplants in one form or the other - I set out to find out what was going on with these Cannonball Jellyfish washing ashore on the island and to share that with y'all.

At Home With David is all about being your link to The Low Country Lifestyle. Today's "link" is sharing my research where I found out 2 Very Interesting Facts about the Cannonball Jellyfish that most of us don't know.

I think you'll appreciate these and I put this video together just for you:

Well I hope you enjoyed the video and found the information insightful and helpful. Next time you visit The Low Country (Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, or Beaufort) be sure to let me know. Perhaps we'll see you out on the beach sometime!


David R Cross - I live here, I am a Realtor here and I help people find their piece of the Low Country Lifestyle.

I'm more than a Realtor...I'm Your Link To The Low Country Lifestyle!


David R Cross is a Realtor in Hilton Head Island South Carolina.

He specializes in helping Retirees, Remote Workers desiring quality of life, Relocation, 2nd Home Buyers, Investors find their piece of The Low Country!

Contact David today if you desire to experience The Low Country!



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