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Top 10 States Americans Are Fleeing & 1 State They LOVE!

Updated: May 17, 2019


Things are changing in America, and part of that change is a change of address for an increasing number of families.

More and more these days, a change of State is part of the address change. Looking at the States where these adventurers are flocking too reveals an interesting story of modern day migration in America.

I came across some information that stated this past year, United Van Lines, a large national long-distance moving company, moved about 110,000 families. They wanted to know “why” and “where” and provided each with a simple questionnaire to discover the reasons.

Below, I share with you the 10 States the most people LEFT BEHIND and THE ONE STATE that in the Top Ten Moving Destinations that I think YOU should know about!


United Van Lines reports 1,790 families used their service to move out of the Badger State. The nations leading provider of cheese has many things going for it, but landing on this Top 10 List is not one of them.

#9 - UTAH

United Van Lines reports 1,179 families felt the sting of the Beehive State and decided to take the honey and run. Utah is a haven for winter sports and boasts the largest population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But, being #9 on this list may leave the current residents a little “salty”.



United Van Lines reports 1,588 families felt the blues and decided to leave The Blue Grass State. While horse racing, tobacco, basketball and bourbon still runs through their veins, these folks are running for the door.

#7 - OH-IO

This one is personal for me, as I am a Buckeye at heart. United Van Lines reports a whooping 3,756 families took all their Ohio State gear and skated right out of the Buckeye State. Ohio has a lot going for it, including being home to 49 of the 1,000 largest public & private companies in the U.S.


United Van Lines reports 2,571 families jumped ship of The Bay State. This exodus may be a modern day tea party event because Massachusetts’ ranks the highest of the lower 48 states in terms of business costs (including labor, energy and yes, of course, TAXES). Combine that with the long cold winters and you have a wintery mix of van lines lining up to help residents flee.


Things got a little dim for the Sunflower State as United Van Lines reports 1,343 families packed up looking for a different flower. While their economy is heavily influenced by the Aerospace industry and a pro-business regulatory climate, some residents decided it was better to take flight and move elsewhere.


I get inquires all the time from this next State. United Van Lines reports 1,636 families have amended their constitution and re-wrote their personal governing principals by leaving the Constitution State. High costs, income disparity, and high regulation may have them thinking about amending how things are done if this trend continues.


C’mon…we all knew they would make this list right? United Van Lines reports and incredible 5,078 families have choses Lord Vader and left the Empire…State. There is no doubt about the impact of the 11th largest economy in the world has on the rest of the world…and there is little doubt as to the impact of high taxes & over-regulation have had on the declining population.


This is another one very near and dear to me…the home of Jon Bon Jovi (and The Soul Kitchen). United Van Lines reports 2,970 customers dug of their roots and left the Garden State. While having several giants of industry withing the State, and benefiting from proximity to New York City & Philadelphia, New Jesery may not be able to overcome weather, regulations and some of the highest business and living costs in the nation.


Dun, dun, dun…last but not least. The Prairie State is suffering badly from the highest net migration rate out of state with and eye popping 5,171 customers using United Van Lines to find greener grass somewhere else. Illinois has some heavy hitters in industry, but the biggest hit just may be people are leaving and not coming back.




Now, I realize that many of you want to get straight to the point and for me to reveal where are these folks moving too? I will not keep you waiting and you will find what you are looking for below!

However, I want to EMPHASIZE one state in very near and dear to my heart! This one state is, to me, THE MOST special state because its a state of mind!


Recently ranked #4 as one of the best places to retire, South Carolina is so much more than that! As a transplant myself from Northeast Ohio, I say South Carolina is one of the best places to RE-FIRE! If you've been here, you know exactly what I mean.

South Carolina #4 Best Place To Retire - Forbes Magazine

South Carolina is quickly becoming a destination state because of the State Of Mind you access when you're here. It's as if everything in you comes alive and you feel on fire:

On Fire for living life now

On Fire for living in the moment

On Fire for making memories with those you love

On Fire to live simple, free and to enjoy life

On Fire to re-think how your story goes...It's a Re-Firement State!

Ok, I will stop there lol ;-) But seriously, South Carolina is special because it offers people low taxes, sub-tropical climate, authentic people, connection...and the best lifestyle you could hope for!


Check Out This Video...It Is What South Carolina Is All About!

I live here, I am a Realtor here and I help people find their piece of the Low Country Lifestyle.

I'm more than a Realtor...I'm Your Link To The Low Country Lifestyle!





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Well there you have it, the Top 10 States Americans are fleeing and the Top 10 States Americans are moving too according to American Van Lines.

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David R Cross is a Realtor in Hilton Head Island South Carolina. He specializes in helping Retirees, Remote Workers desiring quaiity of life, Relocation, 2nd Home Buyers, Investors find their piece of The Low Country! Contact David today if you desire to experience The Low Country!



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