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A Locals Take On What's Great About Hilton Head Island! Part 1 - Things To Do

Discover Things To Do In Hilton Head
Discover A Different Side Of Hilton You May Not Know About!!

There's so much more to Hilton Head Island and The Low Country of South Carolina than just gorgeous weather, beaches, boats and golf! The very nature of the island is to preserve that natural beauty, which means sometimes when looking for things to do on Hilton Head Island, it may seem like everything is hidden.

My slogan for At Home With David is "More Thank a Realtor...Your Link To The Low Country Lifestyle".

When thinking about relocating to, retiring too or buying a second home or investment property in the Hilton Head, Bluffton or Beaufort one must remember you're buying a lifestyle and the house is a bonus!

As a local that is passionate about living and enjoying everything that The Low Country Lifestyle has to offer, I want to share everything I can with you about WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT HILTON HEAD ISLAND that you may not know. This will be an ongoing blog series and today we will begin with

Things To Do On Hilton Head Island I Bluffton I Beaufort SC

First on this list is ECO-TOURISM

Skiff Boat Tours Are A Great Way To See The Island From A Unique Perspective

Did you know that there are over 13 Miles of family-oriented pristine beach on Hilton Head Island?

Every time we go out on the beach, which is almost 4-5 days a week (I'm absolutely addicted what can I say), I love love love seeing the connection that is taking place as family and friends meet here to share life and make memories.

The beach is the center piece. But, the beach offers so much more.

Eco-Tourism is huge, and Hilton Head Island has more than it's fair share of things to do and activities for those who want to engage and enjoy this Low Country Eco hotspot.

Here's just a brief list:

  • Boating

  • Biking

  • Fishing

  • Kayaking

  • Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Crabbing

  • Zip Lining

  • Wind Surfing

  • Jet Skiing

  • Skiffs

  • Dolphin Tours

  • Bird Watching

  • Photography

  • Sea Turtles

I always like to encourage people to try to get a different perspective on the island, whether from the vantage of a boat, a kayak or one of my favorites from the tree tops. If you are up for an adventure, and a climb, while you're hear on Hilton Head Island I would encourage you to check out ZipLine Hilton Head for one of your activities! You can see from the above pictures that the view is'll give you a whole other view of the island!

CRABBING..."What's For Dinner?"

Another great activity to do with the family, especially the kids (our boys love this) is to find a nice pier and drop a crab line and start crabbing. It's an absolute blast and requires a steady hand, lots of patience and a quick net. Be careful though...they are pretty frisky.

Go to the local Walmart and grab a crab line and then head to Publix (click here for map location) and pick up some chicken necks. For a couple dollars you will have a full day of fun in the sun activities and a life time of memories!


Here's a Video of me (David R Cross - At Home With David Youtube Channel - Like & Subscribe!) and our boys crabbing at Old House Creek Pier off Spanish Wells Road:

Conservancy - Pristine Untouched Nature! Calm Your Spirit and Just BE!

Hilton Head Island is known for the desire of locals to preserve and protect critical natural habitat and significant historical parcels of land on Hilton Head Island for the enjoyment of future generations!

They take this mission seriously…and one of the best things to do on Hilton Head Island is to take some time to seek out and enjoy one of the 4 Conservancy Preserves on the island!

Be ready to be immediately transported by time travel. This stunning habitat will feel like a place thousands of years in the past. When walking through these ancient trees you will feel like you’ve landed on a sea island untouched by man.

Currently there protected 300 acres of island wetlands from development and have been acquired through donations, bequests, endowments and easements and are held in local trusts.

The trust's four largest properties are the Whooping Crane Pond Conservancy and the Cypress Conservancy in Hilton Head Plantation, and Fort Howell and the Northridge Tract Conservation Area.

The forested, freshwater 51-acre Cypress Conservancy contains the only remaining, naturally occurring stand of bald cypress on the island. The trees are eastern relatives to the redwood and sequoia.

The 137-acre Whooping Crane Pond Conservancy, formed as a shallow valley between shoreline dunes tens of thousands of years ago, supports 75 plant and 100 wildlife species, according to the land trust.

Whooping Crane Conservancy Hilton Head Plantation

Along with the 4 Conservancy, there is a spectacular and FREE Preserve with a self-guided tour called Audobon Newhall Preserve off Pope road that offers something to do and a change of pace on Hilton Head Island.

Some of these trees in there well over a century old.

Adding reclaimed water to the wetlands by Hilton Head Public Service District has aided the survival of the endangered wood stork, the red-shouldered hawk and the once-threatened bald eagle, according to Ballantine.

I promise, this will be one of the most worthwhile adventures you can take when visiting Hilton Head Island, whether solo, as a couple, family or group!

Discover The Marsh! It's A Bit of a Mystery...Full of Life, Never The Same With it's Own Personality!

Hilton Head Island is unique and distinct in many ways, but one area that sets us apart from most coastal areas, is that there is no crisp divide between land and water. What’s different here is that our creeks and rivers are flanked by miles of tidal salt marsh. Want to hear an interesting fact?

The states of Georgia and South Carolina are home to more area of salt marsh than the rest of the United States combined!


All of the plants and animals that live there are uniquely adapted to take advantage of the rising and falling waters.

The tide cycle, from low to high, is about six hours and 15 minutes; as a result, the highs and lows are approximately an hour later each day. In our area, the difference between high and low tide is anywhere from six to 12 feet.

So, while here, make sure you take the time and take a moment to really appreciate this part of The Low Country Lifestyle!

There is really no place like this that can boast such a spectacular natural feature as the Salt Marshes of Hilton Head Island!


How About One For The Kids..It's FUN For The Big Kids Too - Pirate Cruise & Stinky Pete!

This next family focused thing to do on Hilton Head Island is truly a treasure…pun intended!!

We took our 5 year old son to experience the Pirates of Hilton Head custom pirate ship for his birthday Spring 2019! I must admit…it was kids Broadway on the water with all the flash, mystery, adventure and a high sea’s chase. So much fun and what a way to get on the water and experience the island from a different perspective!

Shiloh and Dad for his 5th Birthday Pirates Of Hilton Head

Pirates of Hilton Head is the first and only custom pirate ship, is the islands #1 rated attraction!

From beginning to end the action is non-stop as we transform the kids into our Pirate Crew. There’s face-paint, tattoos and even a pirate sash to wear for the trip. Everyone gets a pirate name and learns how to talk like a pirate all before we even start our search for treasure!

Once onboard the crew provides a real treasure map that leads to the sunken treasure chest. Like all good treasures hunts though…you need a villain. They do not disappoint with a “boss Hogg meets water” type of character named Stinky Pete, the islands smelliest pirate knows about it too and he stole the key!

Next thing you know, the race is on, to find Stinky Pete and get the key back before he can steal the treasure. As always, the bad guy doesn’t get away…and we finally find him, and the kids get to take the action to the next level and take turns to man the water cannons and blast Stinky Pete until he gives us the key.

Stinky Pete doesn't stand a chance from the water cannon brigade!

Yup, you guessed it Stinky Pete always goes down and every one of the pirates gets a share of the booty to take home. There’s singing and dancing and you never know what other surprises we might run into.


As you can see, there is so much that's great about Hilton Head and much more to do than you probably have time for.

As a local that is passionate about living life now, and living life different, I can think of no better place than The Low Country to put that philoshophy into action!

If you are thinking about retiring, re-locating, buying a second or getting a vacation investment property in The Low Country (Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort) I would love to be your personal link to this vibrant energizing lifestyle!

Contact me at and I will be happy to send you your complimentary copy of The Low Country Lifestyle Guide & Care Package that will help you with every thing you need to make your dream a reality!

David R Cross, Realtor Coastal Investment Network I -



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